How to browse the 'Benchmark Catalogue' of Australian Pre-Decimal Coins (1910 - 1964)

  • Place your mouse over the corners to turn the curled page, or use the buttons below the catalogue
  • Click the tabs on the right margin to jump to any section
  • Go directly to a page by using the box under the catalogue
  • Click on a coin image for a detailed description

Click on the hyperlinks below for a 'Quick Reference Price Guide' for each denomination 

  • 1/2d (Halfpennies start on page 77)
  • 1d    (Pennies start on page 98)
  • 3d    (Threepences start on page 133)
  • 6d    (Sixpences start on page 151)
  • 1/-   (Shillings start on page 168)
  • 2/-   (Florins start on page 185)
  • 5/-   (Crowns start on page 204)